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Technical Support for BioAnalyte's Software

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We will provide any training you need to get optimal use of MSRedux, ProTrawler, and Regatta programs.


Who is BioAnalyte?

We are a data analysis company dedicated to high-quality and high-throughput analytical chemistry data reduction.

What is your business model?

We are usually contracted to develop a data analysis capability, then we commercialize that capability in the form of a product. We sell software licenses for our MSRedux ProTrawler, and Regatta products.

What kinds of data do you analyze?

We analyze raw LC/MS data from a variety of Supported Raw Data Formats.

Do you really analyze raw data?


Do you use vendor APIs?


Is that legal?

It is your data. You own it. By using our products, you analyze your own data. You have the right to analyze your own data. Indeed, when it comes to your own data, you are the controlling legal authority.

We do not have the right to use vendor trademarks, however, except under a Fair-Use Disclosure.


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