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Schedule a Web Demo for BioAnalyte Software

The best way to show you BioAnalyte's software is by scheduling a live, web-based demonstration with us. We can show you how ProTrawler, Regatta and MSRedux Decision Drivers work, and can answer your questions as they come up.

At the scheduled time, we will send you an e-mail link to GoToMeeting. You will just need to enter your email address and accept the connection, after which you'll see the BioAnalyte desktop and actions as we navigate through ProTrawler's features using a sample chromatogram.

The web demo can be as short or long as you like, and only takes a web connection and a phone (or just a web connection if you prefer to use Skype).

To schedule a demo you may email or call us at +1 207 831-5561. Please let us know your time zone, and a good time to contact you.

We care about your privacy. We won’t sell, rent, or lend your information to anyone.


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