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ProTrawler LC/MS Data Analysis Software

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ProTrawlerâ„¢ is innovative, easy-to-use software that addresses the critical LC/MS, LC/MS/MS challenges of laboratories. ProTrawler delivers unparalleled levels of productivity and data accuracy.

Improve the overall sensitivity of detection at much faster speeds than your vendor supplied tools. Efficiently drag through gigabytes of your chromatographic data and pull out the features that you are looking for. You can enjoy greater confidence in database searches and protein identifications.


ProTrawler models optimized parameter sets for peak detection, deisotoping, and zero-charge mass interfacing.

  1. Begin with raw data from your vendor's instrument
  2. create a user-optimized peak model
  3. and get the best peak inferencing available.


ProTrawler's easy-to-use process automation analyzes scores of chromatograms with a single touch.


ProTrawler licensing lets you share data with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

System Requirements

See our system requirements and compatible file formats.

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