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Frequency Asked Questions about MSRedux™

What does it cost?

Prices depend on complexity of the project.

An initial license costs $2000 to $4000, as negotiated during specification review.

Licenses #2-5 cost 20% of original contract price. Additional licenses cost 10% of original contract price.

What is the turn-around time?

We aim to turn projects around in less than a week. We'll let you know during specification review.

Do you have any examples?

We describe examples of MDRedux Decision Drivers and their specifications on our examples page.

Which instrument/data systems do you support?

A current list of supported mass spectrometry platforms is available at this web site.

How complicated a specification are you willing to handle?

MSRedux Decision Drivers are designed for short, uncomplicated projects. You may find that your "complicated" design can be broken into 3 or 4 MSRedux Decision Drivers. More complex custom program development is also available from BioAnalyte.

What about specification changes?

Changes in specification are negotiable.

We have found that significant changes in specification are usually due to a bifurcation of need. We are happy to accept multiple projects from the same source.

What about support?

Documentation that describes the operation of the Decision Driver accompanies the Driver.


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