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Microtiter Ion Monitor (for mass spec assays)

Software for monitoring the progress of a chemical reaction using mass spectrometry as the assay and a 96 well microtiter plate as the experimental format.

The experiment

The researcher wishes to monitor the states of reactant, product and catalyst ions during a reaction. The researcher prepares 96 identical reactions in a microtiter plate and samples wells one by one at regular time intervals. Samples are injected into an electrospray mass spectrometer. The resulting TIC shows the injections.

The problem

The experiment requires monitoring of the selected ions, but the vendor's software has no such feature.

Solution by hand:

You create three selected ion chromatograms by hand, integrate each over the 96 intervals by hand, type the n x 96 numbers into an Excel spreadsheet, make an Excel figure, cut and paste the figure into a PowerPoint or a Word document, and attach the document to an email.

Then you can do it all over again for the next assay.

Or . . . you can use our software.

MSRedux Solution: a decision driver

The researcher describes the requirements to us:



Workarounds you won't have anymore:

Supported platforms


The application features simplicity. It opens with the file browser looking for your data file.

Screenshot of file browser

The next screen asks for the identities of the ions of interest and a few parameters to help isolate the injections algorithmically.

screenshot of dialog box

Chromatography reflects the 96 injections (and one dud).

screenshot of chromatogram

The time series shows the concentrations of the ions in the wells.

screenshot of total ion chromatogram

Lastly, the results are written to a CSV file for further handling in Excel.

screenshot of results in a spreadsheet


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