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Is it Time to Speed Up Your LC/MS Data Processing?

BioAnalyte's powerful, yet easy-to-use, software applications: MSRedux, ProTrawler, and Regatta were designed to overcome the limits of vendor-supplied software. They can be used together or separately.

Making Mass Spec Even Simpler - Automate Your Data Processing using MSRedux

Your source generates ions in seconds but how do you keep up with data processing and report generation? Process and print your data just the way you like it. Eliminate repetitive mouse-clicks by using our automated processing program.

Working with BioAnalyte you can quickly get low-cost custom software for automatic report generation. All you need to do is send us a sketch of the report you want, and we'll do the rest. An example of a DART microtiter-based experiment is described here.

The "MSRedux" software processes your raw data, prepares the reports, renders figures, and creates tables. This set is then sent to the printer and printed in real time. We can process files from your Agilent, Waters, ABI, Bruker, or Thermo instruments. Other instruments available upon request.

ProTrawler™: Automated LC/MS Data Reduction & Analysis Software

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Automate analysis of your raw, unexported LC/MS and LC/MS/MS chromatograms. (No compliance problems with 21CFR11 rules). ProTrawler's fully automated batch design allows you to lock, load, and walk away.

Increase throughput, detection sensitivity, processing consistency, and mass accuracy. Get results in hours instead of the weeks it can take with instrument-vendor supplied software.

Perfect for Proteomics and Metabolomics! Break free from size limits: ProTrawler lets you analyze molecules to over 60k Da.

Use your existing computer hardware (no need to upgrade to expensive server technology).

ProTrawler benefits:

Regatta™: Multivariate, Comparative Analysis

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Ideally suited for high-throughput labs, Regatta extends ProTrawler's capability to compare many chromatograms, of any size.

Regatta is a label-free quantitation tool kit, facilitating LC/MS alignment, dynamic binning, hierarchical clustering and principal component analysis for expression regulation.

"BioAnalyte's applications enhance bottom-up proteomics by showing the statistical significance of potential biomarkers. ProTrawler and Regatta more than just complement bottom-up proteomics; they give sequence ID quantitative meaning. And they are metabolomics-ready, as most of the existing mass spectrometry products are not." Kevin Jones, software4Labs.

Regatta benefits:


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