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proNets Coupons:

Buy a proNets coupon to analyze and share a single chromatogram using the proNets version of ProTrawler.

How is the proNets version of ProTrawler different from the licensed version?

The proNets version of ProTrawler is tied to specific data sets (chromatograms). Otherwise it is functionally the same as a site licensed version.

By comparison, the site license version of ProTrawler can analyze as many different data sets as you need, but you can't easily share datasets with a researcher in another lab. With ProNets, both you and your collaborators download the proNets version of ProTrawler, enter the proNets registration key, and share and process the same dataset. We offer both versions to give you maximum flexibility and the ability to collaborate.

With proNets, your lab pays on a per-chromatogram basis which can be copied and shared as many times as you like. No need to pay a lot of up-front fees and jump through bureaucrat hoops to complete budget requests and get approvals. Simply buy proNets and treat the expense the same way you would with copier paper or paper clips! ProNets are easy to use and will allow you to experience the benefits of BioAnalyte software immediately.

Here are two scenarios where proNets come in handy:

proNets Pricing

Use a purchase order or credit card to purchase proNet coupons to use with ProTrawler on individual datasets (chromatograms).

Follow these steps to get you started:

  1. Contact us at or call us at +1 207 831-5561.
  2. You will be given a link to download the proNets version of ProTrawler.
  3. Purchase proNets coupons through a dialog in ProTrawler.
  4. Once you have installed ProTrawler, you enter the proNets registration key which will be tied to the chromatogram.

See our End-User-Licensing-Agreement (EULA) for our warranty.


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