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BioAnalyte's announces MSRedux™ Decision Drivers

April 2008. BioAnalyte has recently introduced MSRedux™, a rapid, custom MS data reduction mini-application development service to help bench chemists drive decisions.

These miniapps have the look-and-feel of simple printer drivers, but they do powerful raw data interpretation. Because they handle raw data, they can be used in place of instrument vendor-supplied software. Put raw data and a few parameters in. Take PDF figures and Excel spreadsheets out.

The first MSRedux miniapp is Microtiter Ion Monitor (MIM) which interprets microtiter plate-sampled injection MS chromatograms in terms of the microtiter well of origin. MIM's only parameters are the geometry of your microtiter plate and your ions of interest. The output is a well-by-well integrated abundance of each ion, written as an Excel-readable file as well as a printable PDF figure.


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