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IonSense, BioAnalyte Establish Software Co-Development Agreement

Enable High Throughput Decision Making in Pharmaceutical Development Labs

Portland, ME (June 13, 2008) – Instrument developer IonSense, Inc. of Saugus, MA and software provider BioAnalyte, Inc. of Portland, ME have released the first software program designed specifically to enable rapid conversion of large volumes of mass spectrometer data to a visual format for easy interpretation. Demand for the program comes from users of the IonSense “Direct Analysis in Real Time” (DART) ionization source which can generate data in seconds per sample over long periods of time creating a potential backlog of uninterpreted data. The newly-released program, MSRedux™ MIM enables automatic determination of optimum chemical synthesis conditions.

The DART® – 2005 PITTCON Editors' Gold Award for Best New Product – was invented by Dr. Chip Cody and Dr. James Laramee at JEOL USA of Peabody, MA. The technology is licensed to IonSense for commercial development. Utilizing DART chemists have the capability to analyze non-traditional samples such as those obtained directly from reaction vessels much faster than with conventional methods. IonSense currently offers the product for use on commercial mass spectrometers from Agilent (A), Waters (WAT), Applied BioSystems (ABI), Thermo (TMO), JEOL and Bruker (BRKR).

“The problem faced by our client chemists comes when they utilize novel synthesis methods in an attempt to optimize reaction conditions,” according to Dr. Brian Musselman, COO of IonSense. “The results may contain thousands of peaks with only a few of interest when the reality is that they just want to know which vial contains the most”.

“The IonSense management team knew that we had created programs to read vendor-specific proprietary data and to enable high level proteomic analysis,” Dr. Peter Leopold, CEO of BioAnalyte said. “They called on our expertise to make their data analysis as easy-to-use as their sample introduction.”

“The key was to eliminate extraneous parameters and go straight from raw data to a useful image that would enable faster decision making,” Leopold said. BioAnalyte now has additional programs in development with other IonSense clients.

“Our vision is a suite of data-to-image programs that will essentially change the way chemists and bioanalytical investigators work. Our work flow goes from data to printout, eliminating the 10,000 mouse clicks currently required by the standard software,” Leopold added. “We streamline data handling the way DART streamlines sample prep.”

According to Leopold, the analytical and life sciences instruments market is ~$10 billion and is growing in the high single digits. "The market remains highly fragmented on every level, especially the data level. We are one of a handful of companies worldwide – and the only American company – that has learned to speak every major data language without translation."

About IonSense Inc. (

IonSense, Inc. manufactures and develops direct analysis in real time (DART®) technology licensed from JEOL USA, Inc. The company manufactures DART sources and accessories and provides those sources for end users of Thermo Fisher, Agilent, Applied Biosystems/ MDS SCIEX, Bruker and Waters mass spectrometers. Sales of DART sources and AutoDART™ sampling systems are supported by LEAP Technologies, Carrboro, NC.

About BioAnalyte Inc. (

BioAnalyte Inc. develops and markets software for high throughput data analysis in the analytical and life sciences industry. BioAnalyte's ProTrawler™ LCMS data reduction and Regatta™ biomarker discovery software were developed under contract with the US FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. BioAnalyte's MSRedux™ product line focuses on supporting new applications invented by bench scientists and/or enabled by third-party instrument vendors. The BioAnalyte MSRedux Microtiter Ion Monitor (MIM) for Thermo Fisher and Agilent data types is the first software produced in collaboration with IonSense.

Since 2001, BioAnalyte has developed high throughput data analysis software for analyzing proprietary data from all of the major instrument companies. In addition to Thermo Fisher and Agilent instruments, BioAnalyte provides third-party software solutions for Waters, Applied Biosystems and Bruker instruments.

Media Contacts:

Brian Musselman, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer
IonSense Inc.
Musselman at IonSense dot com

Peter Leopold, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
BioAnalyte, Inc.
Leopold at BioAnalyte dot com


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