BioAnalyte: your data, your choice

Faster LC/MS Data Analysis & Biomarker Discovery with BioAnalyte Software

BioAnalyte's vendor-neutral software facilitates high-speed interpretation of proteomics and metabolomic data to dramatically improve research accuracy and productivity.

Most of our customers have hit a bioinformatic stumbling block: too much raw data, too many parameters for analysis, too many mouse clicks to analyze it, still too much analyzed data, and no way to store analyzed data for parameter-dependent reanalysis.

Our applications eliminate this data bottleneck through the speed and power of superior data reconstruction and analysis, while being easy-to-use and affordable. With our software you can efficiently evaluate the tremendous amount of data generated by modern mass spectrometry.

We offer MSRedux custom mini-applications to automate data processing and viewing, ProTrawler for fast data reduction and analysis, Regatta for comparative, multivariate analysis to aid Biomarker Discovery.

Watch a short Flash demo to see ProTrawler in action.

BioAnalyte specializes in LC/MS data analysis for:

Our flexible pricing structure will allow for a solution to fit most budgets: from high-throughput labs to students.

BioAnalyte supports most Vendor File formats including: .raw, .wiff, .bfa, and 1r data fromAB / MDS Sciex, Agilent, Bruker, JEOL, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher, and Waters.


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